CIPS 2012

Date: 19/10/12
Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan
Organiser: ITE Group

This year a unique event in the field of safety and security in Azerbaijan will take place as global brands participate in our exhibition. Companies from Azerbaijan, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the UAE, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic will demonstrate their high-tech products at the exhibition.

The exhibition will showcase the latest types of equipment, advancements in technology and the latest achievements and designs in almost all parts of the security sector. The largest zone of the exhibition will cover hardware and security systems, thus a wide range of CCTV cameras from leading manufacturers, including Bosch Security Systems and SONY Security, will be on display. A separate section of the exhibition will feature fire safety provision systems where there will be demonstrations of modular fire safety systems and solutions for residential and commercial premises.

Kaba Gallenschuetz, a new exhibitor at CIPS Azerbaijan, has been designing innovative building access-control systems for over 30 years. Kaba’s products are widely used in many countries in government offices, airports, banks, industrial buildings, factories and stadiums.

“Pozhspetsmash” Pryluky Fire Protection and Special Machine Building Factory from Ukraine will make their debut in Azerbaijan with the presentation of an emergency ambulance (AESHMD) designed for the transportation of medical equipment, medical tools and medical personnel. The ambulance enables medical examinations to be carried out by skilled emergency medical practitioners, intensive care to be provided and patients to be monitored, all prior to admission to hospital. Another vehicle to be showcased at the exhibition is the AA-13/60 (6560) airfield firefighting car (serial number 292 (AA-291)), designed to extinguish fires (after accidents, natural disasters, etc.) and transport fire crews, firefighting and technical equipment (FTE), fire extinguishing agents (water, foam, etc.) and first aid, rescue and accident equipment.

SMP Services from Russia will be unveiling Trail Patrol 2, an automatic tracking system that provides video surveillance over an area of ​​one hectare with definition similar to that of a standard CCTV camera image taken from a distance of 3-5 m away. The system can operate automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The video surveillance system offers a resolution of up to 800 megapixels when just one standard video stream is being recorded.

Innovations will also be presented by ELfor SRL and RCRsolution SRL from Italy and SFFECO, a manufacturer of firefighting equipment in the UAE.