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International Fire Fighter (IFF) magazine is the leading journal for worldwide firefighters and the fire fighting industry, focusing on municipal and industrial fire and rescue plus fire and safety training. The editorial is principally technology based with regular product profiles, equipment round up articles and a look at how new codes and standards will affect the industry. The training section focuses on different training methods used worldwide.

Graham Collins, Editor

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Welcome to yet another bumper edition of International Fire Fighter Magazine. This 96 page issue has some fantastic articles including a piece on multi-purpose amphibious vehicles for search and rescue and firefighting operations. On pages 53-56, there is fantastic piece by Neil Crosby who is a tutor at the International Fire Training Centre in Darlington here in the UK about how municipal and airport fire brigades can work together.

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Cutters Edge Introduces H2 Series Rotary Rescue Saws
In April, 2014 - Cutters Edge introduced the new H² Series Rotary Rescue Saws at FDIC that feature more power, improved air filtration, a Full-wrap handle and a new EZ-Drag base design. Read More..
Editorial Team Members Sought
Do you have editorial flair and a thirst for knowledge in relation to fire and safety? Read More..
New faces join the PyroLance management team
PyroLance is pleased to announce that Jim White and Dan White have joined our management team. Jim takes up the role of President and Dan has been appointed as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Read More..
July 15 is US National Pet Fire Safety Day
Boston-based animal protection organization, FOUR PAWS International, reminds pet owners of some very important pet fire safety tips Read More..
Fireco's scoops MD of the Year Award
Fireco's founder, Neil Purssey has scooped the prestigious and hotly contested Managing Director of the Year award at the Brighton & Hove Business Awards (BAHBAs) on 10th July 2014. Read More..
MDM team support Macmillan Cancer Support
Publisher Mark Seton and IT and Website Manager Neil Spinney took part in an 800 kilometre charity cycle ride 'The Wrong Way Back' in June last year. Read More..

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Confined Spaces - a starting point
There are many aspects to emergency operations in regard of what equipment and what techniques or systems of work can be employed at incidents involving confined spaces. However, it is important to fully understand the meaning of 'confined space' when it comes to emergency operations. To not do so can result in actions not being taken that could result in a lower level of safety for personnel and casualties and in possible legal action against your department were there to be a situation generating an investigation by regulatory authorities. This would be most relevant at either extended operations where there is time to put in place all appropriate control measures or at incidents where there is no immediate life risk.
Foam Hardware - Understanding the Options
Foam is a highly effective tool to include in a fire protection arsenal. It has many applications from fire extinguishment to exposure protection to hazardous material response. In order to make foam effective it is important to both understand how foam systems work and select the correct hardware.
An Internal Size-Up
This simple phrase is heard by thousands of callers, on a daily basis, by people who are asking for an emergency response to some type of crisis going on in their lives. They need assistance, from first responders, because they are unable to handle the physical or emotional issues they are currently experiencing. It is an instinctive and inner drive to reach out and ask for help, from our early childhood days, when we were dependent on our families, friends, and teachers. So why the change when we put on our fire uniforms and head off to the fire station for our shift, or responding from home as a volunteer? Welcome to what I call "cultural brainwash."
PPV - Saving lives in the US for more than 40 years
Positive pressure ventilation is now the mainstay of firefighting departments across the US. As with many innovations, it grew out of a strong firefighting culture in California, a state known for its extensive experience fighting wildfires.
CPR & AED - Saving lives, fighting sudden cardiac arrests
Sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) can be fatal but since the introduction of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) thousands of lives have been saved worldwide. Laerdal Medical, the company that created Resusci Anne, the world's most famous life-sized resuscitation manikin looks at the evolution of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillators and outlines how firefighters in the USA and the UK are using both in their working lives.
Stability at Shipboard Fires
Land-Based Firefighter talking to a ship's Master... "Well, the fire went out".... "Yeah but you sank my ship!".... "I know that, but the fire did go out!"