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International Fire Fighter (IFF) magazine is the leading journal for worldwide firefighters and the fire fighting industry, focusing on municipal and industrial fire and rescue plus fire and safety training. The editorial is principally technology based with regular product profiles, equipment round up articles and a look at how new codes and standards will affect the industry. The training section focuses on different training methods used worldwide.

Graham Collins, Editor

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Welcome to the March 2014 issue of IFF Magazine. The more eagle-eyed may have noticed a subtle change with this edition in that we have moved the cover date forward by a month to more accurately reflect when the magazine is published. In future IFF will be flagged as March, June, September and December.

This 96 page FDIC Show Issue opens with a very thought provoking IFF Comment courtesy of Dennis Davis and includes features on Urban Search and Rescue; Shipboard Stability; Rural Water Supplies; Telemetry; Firefighter Welfare; Wildfire, Immediate Medical Care as well as many others.

Please don't forget to look at the latest news, product and company profiles in the comprehensive News and Profiles section.

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FDIC 2014 Jim Duffy & P.J. Norwood

latest news

GOODPOINT Campaign Points Finger at Those Taking Risks to Test Smoke Alarms
An awareness campaign being launched this month will highlight the need to test domestic smoke alarms safely. Read More..
Chile bushfire kills thirteen
The fires in Valparaiso, Chile have killed 13 people, injured 500, destroyed 2,000 homes and which forced 10,000 people to flee the densely populated hills that gave this Chilean port city its unique beauty. Read More..
Fire near Memphis International Raceway
Dry conditions and heavy winds led to a fire in a field near the Memphis International Raceway in Millington, Tennessee which ignited several cars in a parking area during an event. Read More..
Fresh from a successful visit to FDIC in Indianapolis, YDS is looking to step forward into the US and Canada markets with developing footwear designs meeting the regions standards.
New development styles shown at the exhibition include a new 8 inch wildland boot with Tencate® fabric, plus new CROSSTECH® chainsaw boots, structural fire boots (with breathable Tencate® fabrics) and quick release front zip rescue boots. Read More..
PPE Innovations Update.
The past year has seen a bumper crop of new pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) come onto the market. There have been significant developments in new fabrics, along with new helmets, gloves and boots, so it is a good time to review what is now available to make firefighters and rescue personnel's lives more comfortable and - above all - safer. Read More..
Sprinklers Could Have Saved UK Fire Station
The absence of a sprinkler system is being blamed for the destruction of an English fire station in Downham Market in the county of Norfolk. Also, while the fire station was equipped with an alarm, this was apparently not connected to an alarm receiving centre. Read More..
Wholetime Firefighter Recruitment Campaign
The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is set to carry out its first wholetime firefighter recruitment campaign since the national service came into existence on 1 April last year. Read More..

latest articles

Choosing the Right Firefighting Nozzle
With hundreds of models of handheld firefighting nozzles from which to choose, the choice can be confusing and the decision making process often frustrating.
FIRED-uP Project develops innovative procurement for fire services
FIRED-uP is a three year project investigating innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of fire service fleets.
Talking Telemetry - past, present and future
Telemetry is now a frequently heard word in everyday life. It may be telemetry from a Formula One car whilst you're watching the Grand Prix, telemetry being talked about when a rocket launches and sends information back to NASA ground control or even when a probe is launched from the Enterprise during Star Trek. Telemetry technology is also being increasingly used within the fire and rescue service.
Stability at Shipboard Fires
Land-Based Firefighter talking to a ship's Master... "Well, the fire went out".... "Yeah but you sank my ship!".... "I know that, but the fire did go out!"