Saudi Wedding Halls Fined For Ignoring Fire Safety

23 June 2014
Wedding hall owners in Saudi Arabia have been warned by the Eastern Province Civil Defence not to neglect the safety conditions specified in their licenses, particularly during the summer season, when many compete to attract clients.

Several halls had recently been fined for violating safety rules and, during the first half of the year, fines have been imposed on several tourist facilities including hotels, furnished apartments and shops.

Civil Defence teams recently intensified periodic inspections at wedding halls to ensure their commitment to safety and fire protection regulations and their compliance with the standards mentioned in the safety code.  Several violations were discovered that prompted immediate action, while other less serious violators were given a maximum grace period of one week to implement safety measures. 

According to the official statistics, there are 257 wedding halls in the Eastern Province.  The most common fire hazards at wedding halls are believed to be the flammable decoration sets, in addition to having closed emergency exits and not having fire extinguishers on site.